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Sudden Change

Hair Off

Instant Eyebrow Shapers





Get perfectly shaped eyebrows without tweezing! Instant Eyebrow Shapers just press on and peel off. Fast, easy-to-use, painless and mistake-proof! Includes 18 sets of pre-cut shapers. For over and under brow use.



Instant Eyebrow Shapers

Hair - Off Sudden Change® Instant Eyebrow Shapers

This time of year, when the focus is on shaping up bodies, is a good time for another shape-up project: eyebrows. Many makeup artists believe the eyebrow is the most important facial feature because it's so expressive. Too-thin brows can make you look like a snob. Too-thick brows may convey bad temper. But how to get them just right?

Sudden Change makes a precut adhesive-backed tinted stencil that can be placed over the brow while you fill in the shape with an eye pencil or powder. They also make Instant Eyebrow Shapers, precut and contoured strips that lift off unwanted hairs above and below the brows. Easier than tweezing?

Throw away your eyebrow tweezers and try this ingenious method of ensuring perfect eyebrow shaping every time! Simply press on pre-formed, waxed eyebrow shaper strip and remove.

Long lasting results. Contains 18 sets of pre-cut shapers for over and under brows.

Contains 18 sets of pre-cut shapers for over and under brows.

US $6.95 per pack


Sudden Change Hair Off

Instant Eyebrow Shapers



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