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"I just got my Wonder Cloth and gave it a try last night. They're not kidding! This does exactly what it says. Namely, whisks away every trace of make up, rinses clean and new, and leaves your skin soft! Who could ask for more?"

"Wow! I'm surprised, I think the Wonder cloth is great, and I was a skeptic. The first night my husband didn't believe me that it worked so well. I showed him the next night, he was impressed."


Wonder Pros
Professional Make-up Sponges


  • Super Value 6 Piece package
  • Great for application and blending of cream and liquid make-up
  • Great for applying powder make-up too
  • Can be used with your favorite soap and make-up remover
  • Wonder Rounds are so economical, you can enjoy using a clean, fresh puff as often as you like


"I used my Wonder Cloth after work to remove ALL of my make-up, including mascara, lips etc. It did an absolutely fabulous job" - Kathleen

"I have been using your cosmetic wedges and I'm extremely pleased with the material and quality of this product..." Susan Steck

"There is no other make up sponge that even comes close to Wonder Wedges, I love how they apply my make-up..." Dawn M. Daniels

"I have enjoyed using your cleansing puffs. I have used them for many years. In fact my daughters use them as well..." Georgene Yzhaw


Price: $4.50 each pack


Qty. one pack




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